Jaime Humberto Luna 02-2016
The donated wooden pallets helped me a lot because thanks to that, I could saved some money and finished the remodelation of my celining faster. My previous ceiling was made of reed and everytime it was raining, we had problems with the leaks, so the reeds were falling down and it was very dangerous and risky. Thank you so much Apparel International Foundation!
Heidi Chávez 09-2015
I am very happy and grateful with the Foundation because thanks to their donation, I could reconstruct the ceiling of my house. Before doing this, I was always afraid of the celining to fall down and I couldn´t sleep. Nowadays, I can totally rest, feeling safe. Thank you so much!
Don Leonardo Puentes 08-2015
I really needed a wheelchair because I was struggling a lot to walk. I suffer from Parkinson disease. Thank you Apparel International Foundation and DIF for this amazing gift!